There is a special light within you...

...and I can't wait to see it shine!

Hi, I’m Jennie Lee and for over 26 years, my focus has been on creative self-awareness & expression, both personally and professionally. I’ve worked with people from all over the world, in all walks of life, and developed a big toolbox of ways to help you liberate your light so you can shine as your authentic self. 

You are a spark of Spirit, here for greatness. Your life is the canvas and you are the creator! Of course this takes inner work and that’s why I’m here – to help you realize your fullest potential and most joyful expression with grace and a healthy dose of humor! I look forward to the journey ahead together.

“Jennie is one of those rare, authentic people who practices what she teaches. She has done her own work and is matter-of-fact & unshakable. I can tell her anything and it is received without judgement, just an open heart. She is able to hold space for even my darkest moments.“

Yoga Therapy &
Spiritual Coaching

A hybrid form of counseling which incorporates Yoga Philosophy, Spiritual Psychology and Meditation Mentoring. Guidance to help you navigate times of transition and challenge, and reclaim inner peace and wellbeing.


Holistic coaching and support to help you develop your unique creative potential and expression in a meaningful, sustainable way. Guidance in overcoming any blocks and unlocking your special genius for maximum fulfillment and personal success.

Artist Residency
in Italy

A 2-week multi-disciplinary program for creatives who value uninterrupted time and support to explore their work. Immersed in the tranquility of rural Tuscany, you will be engaged with other artists from around the world.


My 3 books contain many of the practices I have shared with clients over the past 25 years. Readers appreciate their casual tone and pragmatic applications to real time challenges. By enabling readers to ‘self-coach,’ they offer both a primer for and a reinforcement of the coaching I offer. I hope you will find peace and inspiration in their pages.
“Jennie will help you connect to what is truly important - your inner voice. The only way to live a fulfilling, creative life is to listen to that voice, and Jennie will help you hear it. Take any opportunity you can to learn from her."