Spark Change book cover

Spark Change

108 Provocative Questions for Spiritual Evolution

by Jennie Lee

In SPARK CHANGE, Jennie Lee provides a 12-phase personal inquiry process to help you assess what change you may need and how to accomplish it pro-actively with clarity and courage.

Through 108 introspective questions, you will learn to listen to your soul and determine what life is calling you to learn or express. Whether examining attitudes that hold you back, or investigating your true purpose, these guided inquiries will help build the psychological resilience necessary to accomplish change from the deepest reaches of spiritual consciousness.

Inspired by the source teachings of classical yoga, the principles of spiritual psychology, and her own inner journey, SPARK CHANGE delves into some of the most enduring questions of psychology, self-improvement, and the spiritual path


Nautilus Book Award Winner: Silver Gift & Specialty
Best Book Award Winner: Spirituality & Inspirational American Book Fest
Mind & Spirit Book Award Winner Spirituality & Enlightenment
Chanticleer Int'l Book Awards
Book of the Year Award
Finalist: Spiritual & Inspirational International Authors Network
Top 10 Inspiring Books Aspire Magazine

What Readers Have to Say

“In Spark Change, Jennie Lee guides the reader through a series of 108 provocative questions that inspire the type of meaningful self-inquiry that can facilitate actual transformation. If our practice is lived 24 hours a day, Jennie offers thought-provoking prompts to impact every minute of those 24 hours. This must-have book is one to be read again and again, used for journaling and discussion with friends, family, and fellow seekers, to set the tone for a life lived with meaning.”
Felicia Tomasko
Editor in Chief, LA YOGA Magazine
“It is inevitable when a person embarks on a spiritual journey that they will find themselves needing to reflect and re-chart their course as they seek higher ground. This demands the willingness to look clearly and with an open heart in order to navigate toward our greater good and highest joys. We must stop to ask ourselves the very questions that Jennie Lee offers in this powerful guide to help us along our journey. The questions are insightful, evocative, and carry a depth of raw introspection beyond any standard list of questioning. They also do not leave you hanging. She offers the open hand and loving heart to support you as you take your dive inside. Jennie Lee is one of the most supportive, loving, and knowledgeable guides available to us. This book is a true treasure.”
Emily A. Francis
Author of The Body Heals Itself
“Human beings have enormous capacity for growth, change, and evolution. Our entire nervous system is wired in a way that invites us continuously to redefine ourselves and our experiences. Interestingly, most of us resist this innate capacity for leaving behind the familiar and exploring new territory, new ways of being, and new approaches to life and relationships. This lovely volume by Jennie Lee reminds us of our capacity – our calling – to explore, to ask questions, to open our hearts and minds to new possibilities. The book guides us gently through self-exploration that leads to renewal and growth. It guides us gently toward discerning where we might be stuck, where we might rob ourselves of opportunity, and where we might find greater fulfillment and joy. This is a must-read and must-use for anyone committed to living even more fully tomorrow than today.”
Christiane Brems PhD
Stanford University, Clinical Professor & Director YogaX
“The questions in Spark Change allow us to mine our own interiors – by leaning into our discomfort, challenging our assumptions, and washing our eyes, we can develop a mind that is more open and a spirit that is more resilient. The book illustrates how we can probe new possibilities and see the future as more fruitful and free, sparking positive change in our bodies, minds, and relationships.”
Maya Soetoro-Ng
Obama Foundation Peace Educator
“From the very first question Jennie asks us in this brilliant book, I was absolutely hooked. Her light-hearted approach and curious process lives up to its promise — to spark the lasting change we seek. This book is a new favorite.”
Amy B. Scher
Author of How To Heal Yourself When No One Else Can
“This book has a nice balance of asking one to look at the hard questions in life and also how to see new vistas and what is possible. It alternates between looking at the ways we are not serving our higher self and then creating a deep sense of self connection. Both are necessary for healing and transformation.”
Amy Wheeler, PhD
President of the International Association of Yoga Therapists
“Step into your best self – Spark Change will inspire, challenge, and guide you there.”
Shannon Kaiser
Author of Self Love Experiment
"Spark Change is a book to have by your bed or favorite chair to enjoy slowly, one question at a time. Just have your journal ready and let Lee guide you through the therapeutic process of self-inquiry."
“Embracing Socrates’s notion that “the unexamined life is not worth living,” Lee promotes self-inquiry and personal change through reflective questions in this empowering compendium.”

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