International Yoga & Meditation Retreats

17 years of amazing group
experiences all over the world!

Dare to Live Retreat

Italy 2023

Exploring personal edges of vulnerability and daring to LIVE, we practiced daily yoga and meditation and immersed in the beauty of Tuscany with visits to farms, wineries and historic villages.

"It's hard to convey how special it was - how supported I felt - and how magical and genuine every little thing was about it. How did you so neatly package it up into one week and include such a variety of sights, sounds, feelings, memories, tastes?!”

Joyful New Beginnings Retreat

Italy 2022

In Tuscany, when the sunflowers were in full bloom, we practiced at a luxurious villa in Lucca and celebrated the re-opening of our lives after the pandemic shutdown.

“I am walking away from this retreat feeling so much love, joy, laughter, and peace. It has put me back in tune with my body and all that it is capable of. Meditation shifted for me. Instead of being a place of pain and anxiety, it became a place of peace. Jennie was a constant loving supporter and teacher. The retreat was a place to heal, rest, adventure, dance, love, and learn.”

Unconditional Love Retreat(s)

Hawaii 2022

On the famed North shore of O’ahu at a private beachfront villa, we practiced deep rest and self-reflection to recalibrate into unconditional love and a full celebration of life.

"This retreat exceeded my expectations for so many reasons. Jennie, you were an incredible organizer of our days. Your rituals were so thoughtful and lovely. The food was marvelous. I appreciated the "sampling" of different yoga techniques and the daily meditations of course. Your opening and closing with our circle of connection was perfect. Overall, an outstanding experience for the whole person, body, mind, spirit."

The Abundance

Costa Rica 2020

Two pre-pandemic adventure weeks in the  beach, jungle, and mountains enjoying yoga, meditation, surfing, zip lining, self-reflection writing classes, new friends, and time to unplug and reconnect to our hearts’ desires.

“I loved every minute! Your “words of the day” – flow, trust, give, receive, and gratitude- were super impactful. What shifted in my awareness of abundance is that we are all deserving of abundance, it’s available to every one of us. We just need to open our hearts to it. Every one of your retreats offers new experiences and they’re always a perfect amount of activity and relaxation.”

Riding & Writing Joyful Soul Retreat

Mexico 2019

Riding to exhilarate the body, writing to spark creativity, meditation to enhance intuition, community and solitude to nourish the spirit…all this and more in the charm of rural Mexico.

“This is my third retreat with Jennie and I have gotten so much out of every one. Her retreats are like hitting the ‘reset button’ helping me to re-energize and get grounded. I enjoy her teachings and style of yoga, not to mention how she helps me overcome my challenges and fears.”

Unconditional Love

Bimini 2018

To celebrate the release of Jennie’s second book, Breathing Love, we communed with wild dolphins in the azure waters of Bimini. Mornings opened with love meditations and then we took the catamaran out into the open ocean to swim with these mystical beings. 

"I am so grateful for the guidance and opportunity to go deep into self-reflection. Life changing. You have helped me start on the path to pure love."

Yoga of Intuition Retreat

Mexico 2017

This year’s retreat explored the theme of intuition and how we can develop it through fun group exercises, deeper levels of meditation, yoga nidra, and pranayama. Everyone loved the devotional chanting and dharma talks on how we can live happier, more intuitively guided lives.

“One of the best weeks of my life – and I have been on many worldwide retreats. It was a perfect blend of personal growth, a variety of yoga practices, and group activities, all held in a gentle, loving energetic container in paradise. I will carry Jennie’s words and positive energy with me, and am so looking forward to the next retreat already.”

True Yoga Retreat

Mexico 2016

Celebrating the release of Jennie’s first book, True Yoga,  this retreat was an immersion in heart-centered practices from the Eight Limbs, both on and off the mat. We luxuriated on the private beach, hiked to nearby waterfalls, surfed, snorkeled and kayaked and enjoyed the sunset, serenaded by the ocean’s Om.

“I was looking for answers to some spiritual and life questions, and space to be quiet and listen to my own mind and heart. The retreat exceeded all of my expectations.”

Yoga of Gratitude Retreat

New England 2013

A unique summer event on the marshes of New England exploring the theme of gratitude. This weekend retreat was defined by participants’ authentic sharing and strong devotional practice of Aparigraha  finding the blessings in everything life delivers.

“Just to express my gratitude to you for your inspiration, belief, tenacity and brilliance in organizing, executing and living our retreat. All your hard work with every thoughtful detail. Phenomenal for one person to manage all of this and then to have the energy to give to us in so many ways – bringing us to our edge with challenge, supporting and guiding us, teaching us, listening, holding, witnessing, blessing us. My heart is full of admiration and appreciation.”

Yoga of Love & Devotion Retreat

Hawaii 2012

On the North shore of O’ahu, we studied how to spiritualize our relationships, release expectations through meditation; and find freedom through devotion.  Free time was full of  snorkeling, hiking, surfing, sunset meditations at the heiau, jacuzzi soaks and dancing in the Hawaiian moonlight.

"The week changed my life! Jennie is an incredibly talented teacher who is passionate about the yoga path and who lives and models this passion. She put an incredible amount of time into the planning and orchestration of the retreat and I learned so much about the practice of yoga as a way of life."
sequoia, forest, redwood-274158.jpg

Writing into Personal Wellness Retreat

California 2011

Nestled into the California coastal redwoods, we took a time out  to reflect and cultivate greater balance and vitality. Writing exercises, personal inquiry, meditation and yoga, led us to new visions guided by intuitive wisdom.

“Every element of the retreat contributed a surprising amount of realizations and insights. Jennie's gentle facilitation, deliciously healthy food, and the serene surroundings of the Sequoias helped me reflect on a deeper level. My mind, body, and spirit were truly nourished.”
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Yoga of Conscious Trust

Hawaii 2011

In the glorious beauty of Oahu’s North Shore, we explored the levels of trust, how our samskaras affect our ability to trust, intuitive trust, and true Conscious Self trust.

“This retreat FAR exceeded my expectations!!! Jennie planned and executed an extremely well-balanced curriculum, and completely adapted and tailored it to the needs of each participants in a Spirit-led way. I have a much more solid sense that our Divine nature is our true nature and that with dedicated practice, I can experience the Divine guidance I long for so often as I did on retreat. Jennie, you provide a humble, peaceful, joyful and assured example of a Spirit-led life where ego is put aside to spread loving teachings of the yogic lifestyle!”

Yoga of Imagination Retreat

Mexico 2009

Called to rise beyond the known into what we can  envision and imagine – more hope, more love, more peace and more joy. On this retreat we practiced the tools that can make this happen,  using imagination for the conscious creation of our dreams, and we formed a community of support and love.

“I was profoundly enriched by my experience at the Imagination Retreat in Mexico. I felt as if the hand of God reached out to all of us with extraordinary depth, grace and tenderness. Our hearts and our souls were held with extreme kindness and care, where deep healing and transformation took place changing our DNA forever. From this point, we were able to consider what we can rightly and wisely do to forward this most precious Universe.”

Insight into Action Retreat

Block Island 2008

On a quaint New England island, we explored a 9-step process of conscious change, combined with daily  meditation and yoga. Silent meals, chanting, group process,  fireside chats,  labyrinth walks and of course  dancing to celebrate our journey together.

"Jennie Lee’s masterful guidance and pure love, set the stage for an incredible week. My heart was open in the safe environment Jennie created, and I was able to set new goals while honoring my personal journey. I feel more trusting of my inner thoughts and decisions, more empowered and excited about the future, have new tools for manifesting."

8 Limbs of Yoga & the Chakras Retreat

Mexico 2008

Each day was themed around one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, especially the Yamas and Niyamas, and one of the 7 chakras. I am so grateful to this first group of beautiful people who made this the first of my ANNUAL Retreat Adventures!

“Pure unconditional joy facilitated by your careful, compassionate, masterful teaching radiated from each individual in the group. I was amazed at how tuned in you were to the group, allowing for silence, fostering open communication and feedback, challenging us when it was needed, and then following through with each of us. You created a safe, trusting, secure culture in record time. I was amazed at the deepened level of the practice feeling as if it moved to the bone marrow and then into to the soul. This experience was a transformative treasure I will savor for the rest of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you."