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Expand your joy, creativity and authentic self-expression!

Creativity Coaching

.Holistic coaching and support to help you develop your unique creative potential and expression in a meaningful, sustainable way. Guidance in overcoming any blocks and unlocking your special genius for maximum fulfillment and personal success.

white lotus

Yoga Therapy / Spiritual Coaching

A hybrid form of counseling which incorporates Yoga Philosophy, Spiritual Psychology and Meditation Mentoring. Guidance to help you navigate times of transition and challenge, and reclaim inner peace and wellbeing.

Essere Writer & Artist Residency

A 2-week multi-disciplinary program for creatives who value uninterrupted time and support to explore their work. Immersed in the tranquility of rural Tuscany, you will be engaged with other artists from around the world.

International Yoga Retreats

For 17 years, I have led uniquely themed yoga & meditation retreats around the world in incredible spaces. See highlights of where my groups have gone and find out when and where the next adventure will be so you can join the fun!

What Clients Have to Say

"Working with Jennie has helped me connect the interplay of the physical, the spiritual and the emotional, and provided me with a freedom of self that I have rarely felt throughout my life. Jennie is a fabulous facilitator!"
Asset Manager
"I continuously leave sessions feeling refreshed and restored! I share my thoughts and present issues and she truly understands and provides me with the insight and tools I need to continue on this beautiful journey of awareness. She has been a constant guide, showing me that I already know the way, I just need to trust myself. I feel so much gratitude to have her as my mentor."
Navy Contractor
"A humble and highly approachable spiritual coach, therapist, and author. Jennie Lee is a remarkable and gifted individual living her soul’s purpose helping others. Undoubtedly, Jennie is a 21st century leading authority on yoga philosophy, translating and teaching in a practical, understandable, and applicable manner.  I have grown spiritually through her Spirit Sessions group  and from all three of her books – invaluable resources that I refer back to on a daily basis and gift to others. I highly recommend Jennie Lee’s services and books."