A Bit About Me

We all love a good story. And we tend to define ourselves by the things we’ve done or lived through. I’m going to share some of my story in a minute but I’m also going to tell you why I don’t define myself by it.

When I was in my 20’s, I was working as an actor in L.A. One day at a bookstore, I met a guy who invited me to a yoga class. Always up for learning something new, I went. The postures made me feel strong, more fully in my body than ever before. I was hooked. But as bigger and bigger challenges of career, marriage, and motherhood set in, postures were not enough. I sought something more to help me and I found practices in both Yoga Philosophy and Spiritual Psychology that enabled me to develop the inner peace and strength I needed. Interestingly, they both teach the same thing — we are not our story. We are not our thoughts, our feelings or the things that have happened to us. We are the consciousness moving through it all and the more we know ourselves as that inner spirit, the more easily we can rebound from the difficulties life inevitably brings.

Through divorce, death of loved ones, career evolutions and parenting hurdles, I tested these theories. I became disciplined in the practices of meditation and spiritual self-reflection that form the basis of my coaching work today. I developed a hearty resilience to change, a creative approach to life, and an unwavering commitment to love. I rely on daily walks and meditation to stay aligned and when I get to surf, it’s an especially happy day!

Through coaching and writing, I share what has helped me with those who seek creative expansion, authentic self-expression, and soul freedom. My three books; True Yoga, Breathing Love and Spark Change offer the teachings which have had the most impact on me as I navigated from despair and loss to hope and love. You can see the core values and beliefs I’ve formed along the way below and if we are meant to work together, I imagine some of them will be true for you too. if you want to read more ‘story’ – here’s my full CV and portfolio

My Core Values

Now... About YOU

Maybe you are in a time of transition or simply seeking a change.

Although the true self never changes, our external manifestations of identity are always evolving. Do you want to reimagine some part of your life or rebirth an aspect of yourself? I can help you articulate what wants expression, and help you be proactive about change.

Maybe you feel restless, anxious or unfulfilled.

Have you tried doing more, only to pay the price of burnout? Or followed ‘expert advice’ only to hit a dead end? I can help you identify what’s getting in the way, like self-sabotaging patterns and limiting beliefs. Together we will unlock your inner wisdom, so you can get on with living your truth.

Maybe you want to define success on your terms and step into it with confidence.

I get it. Comparison kills joy. We need to create purpose and meaning from within and follow our inner vision. When we do this, we expand in abundance, success, and love. I can guide you in the ‘how’  to live and work in a self-actualized and expansive way.

What to Expect

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